Welcome Back, Double Jack!

Blackbord 3My apologies.  It’s been a while since I have posted anything to the Double Jack Texas Speedboats blog.  But, in the meantime there has been a lot going on in the antique and classic wooden boating world as I know it.  I am newly inspired and anxious to get started again.

I have quite a number of new topics to discuss with you, including introducing you to some of the great new friends I have made in the industry, sharing pictures of some of the awesome boats I have seen at a number of shows I have attended around the country, and discussing some of the new skills and techniques I have learned during the course of my own restoration activities.

And this is not to mention that my own personal fleet has grown to seven boats now!  My kids call me the, “boat hoarder,” and are convinced that I have completely lost my mind.   However, my belief is that one can never have too many boats.  My friend Terry Harbin from Elijay, Georgia supports my position.  He says, “Never let anyone bring you down by saying ‘why do you need another boat?’  The true answer is because I don’t have that one.”  That makes perfect sense to me.

By the way, Terry is one of the great new friends I have met this year.  You will be meeting him and his lovely wife Jerri very soon.  Terry already owned a magnificent Gar Wood utility, but his wife is so cool that she bought him a new boat for his birthday!  Awesome!  Since then I have been actively encouraging my own significant other to think generously like that.

So, check in regularly and often.  Our content will be updated frequently and I’m sure we’ll have some things that will interest you.

See you soon!

Double Jack Rocks!


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