Trailer Tramp

IMG_2062Back in April, 2015 I managed to be the only eBay bidder for a 1958 Lyman 16′ Outboard, which I bought for a song from a guy in Cataula, Georgia.  So, I paid my money through PayPal and in early May, Patrice and I borrowed an 18′ farm trailer from her sister, attached it to my truck, and headed out on the 1,550-mile round-trip adventure to pick up the boat.

When finally we arrived in Cataula – which is a very beautiful place, by the way, heavily wooded and quite picturesque – the boat was in a little bit rougher condition than I would have liked, but generally in pretty good shape.  I guess that’s the risk you take when you buy a boat substantially sight unseen, except for a few fairly poor, and frankly pretty vague, photographs seemingly designed to hide a number of faults.  Nevertheless, the seller signed the bill of sale and helped me load the boat, which was already on its on non-roadworthy trailer, onto the farm trailer, and away we went.  After a three day round-trip we arrived back home in North Richland Hills, Texas.  I tell you, home is a beautiful place to be.  As much as I love a good road trip, I think it may be a while before I am ready to take another one.


Stay tuned.  I think this is going to be a beautiful boat.  From what I have learned, there appears to be somewhat of a cult following for Lyman’s.  They are very popular and widely appreciated and highly regarded among the antique and classic boating community.  I am quite proud to be the owner of this one.  I hope my fully restored boat brings honor to the Lyman community and is fully appreciated by its members.

Speaking of the Lyman community, I recently joined the Lyman Boat Owners Association (LBOA).  I’m expecting it will be a great source of help and information for me during the course of this project.

Double Jack Rocks!

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