Tedium and Frustration…

IMG_2438[1]I am working on the interior of my 1958 Lyman Outboard.  I have been using a chemical stripper and a wire brush to remove the old varnish.  Then I have been sanding the lapstrake planks with my Dremel Multi-Max Tool with 80-grit sandpaper.  It’s slow and tedious work, not to mention the burns I get from the stripper when it happens to get on my skin.  I now sport burns all up and down the inside and back of my arms from the stripper and even have some large blisters on my hands from where I allowed the stripper to set for too long before wiping it off.  Not fun and not pretty.  Occupational hazard, I guess.

On top of that, the hook and loop pad onto which I attach the sandpaper tore apart yesterday.  It just disintegrated, necessitating yet another trip to my home away from home – The Home Depot.  After thoroughly searching the Dremel wall display I realized they did not have any replacements in stock.  A helpful Home Depot worker happened by (I know, that’s a rare and unusual thing to happen), who checked the computer and told me you can’t buy these things in the store.  I told him I bought the one that broke in this very store.  “Well, you have to order it online and it will take a week if you have it shipped to the store, longer if you have it shipped to your home, plus you will have to pay shipping charges for it to be shipped to your home.”  Crap!  It’s a $9.74 part, but I’m going to order at least three of them in case the new ones also fall apart.  In the meantime, I got my trusty bottle of Gorilla Glue out and glued the broken one back together.  We’ll see how that works tomorrow.

So as not to be completely shut down I dug out my Mouse sander and went back to work.  The sanding surface of the Mouse is larger than that of the Multi-Max, and so it is not as efficient.  However, I was able to make some progress.

A lapstrake boat is difficult to work with because it has ribs every four to six inches, making it difficult to strip and sand the planks.  However, as my old pappy used to say, he said, “Boy!”  He used to call me “Boy.”  He said, “Boy, perseverance is the key.”  I have learned to live by those words.

Double Jack Rocks!

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