Bright and Shiny

The Wooden Boat Association of North Texas is participating in the White Rock Lake Boat Show in Dallas, Texas on September 19, 2015.  I’m planning to bring my 1950 Thompson 14′ TVT Deluxe Outboard to show as a trailer display.  I say a trailer display, as opposed to a water display, inasmuch as this boat has not … More Bright and Shiny

Gittin’ Nekkid!

For the last week I have been working on removing the plywood hull bottom from my 1948 Speed Liner.  As with nearly all the tasks associated with restoring these old wooden boats, it has been an arduous task.  There are literally thousands of screws that have to be found, dug out, and unscrewed.  Of course, very few … More Gittin’ Nekkid!

Strip Search

Yesterday, Patrice and I got my 1948 Speed Liner flipped so I could remove the hull bottom.  I had understood from the seller that his dad, who was the original owner of this boat, had fiberglassed both the hull bottom and the hull sides.  Certainly, he did the hull sides.  However, as I removed the … More Strip Search