Hello, fellow wooden boat fanatics!

My name is Steve and I’m addicted to antique and classic wooden boats.

My other confession is that I am the author of Double Jack Texas Speedboats (https://doublejacktexasspeedboats.net/).

Since I love wood and I love boats, wooden boats just seemed like a natural combination for me.  I also have a great appreciation for all things old – boats, trucks, cars, motorcycles, houses, furniture, dogs, and people.  I love the history and the character displayed in their dings and dents and scars.  I love making old things better than new and drawing out their inner beauty.  Given all that, the restoration of antique and classic wooden boats just seemed like the perfect pursuit for me.  Through the restoration of these old boats, I am learning my craft, developing my skills, building my knowledge base, and developing contacts in the industry.  My ultimate dream is to become a professional restorer of antique and classic wooden boats when I reach my retirement years, which will hopefully not be too long from now.  “Double Jack Texas Speedboats” will be the name of the business that I hope will ultimately derive from these efforts.

My own personal fleet currently numbers seven boats, all of which are in various states of restoration.  I will tell you that my kids refer to me as the “boat hoarder” but then what do they know?  Smart aleck kids.

The count seems to change regularly and frequently, but the seven boats currently in my fleet include:

  • 1948 Chris-Craft 17′ Deluxe Runabout
  • 1948 Speed Liner 14′ Trophy Deluxe Racing Runabout
  • 1950 Thompson 14′ TVT Deluxe Cedarstrip
  • 1958 Lyman 16′ Outboard Lapstrake
  • 1958 Glastron 15′ Fireflite
  • 1959 Chris-Craft 17′ Ski Utility
  • 1960 Glasspar 14′ G-3 Ski Boat

Nevermind that the Glastron and the Glasspar are fiberglass boats.  Fiberglass can be beautiful too.

The Thompson is the only finished show boat and made its debut at the 2015 Keels & Wheels show in Houston.  I am currently focusing my restoration efforts on the Speed Liner and the Lyman.  The Glasspar is my “fun boat” that I use for weekend trips to area lakes.

I also have a collection of a dozen or so vintage outboard motors, each of which I intend to tackle one of these days.

I am an active member of the Wooden Boat Association of North Texas (WBA), for which I presently serve as Vice-President.  I am also a member of the Antique and Classic Boat Society (ACBS), including the Southwest Chapter, the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club, the Lyman Boat Owners Association, the Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club, and the Antique Outboard Motor Club (AOMCI).

Double Jack Texas Speedboats welcomes your comments and input.  We hope you will visit regularly and often.  Please be sure to follow us by clicking the FOLLOW button in the upper-left hand corner of any page.

Enjoy!  And remember, one can never have too many boats.

Double Jack Rocks!

Stephen D. Griffitts
(760) 859-6592

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